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About Alaska Airlines

We’re Alaska Airlines, and we believe flying should be a genuine pleasure. Our 92-year journey, from our humble origins serving Alaska’s remote communities to today’s global network, is marked by a tireless commitment to our guests. This commitment is built on our core values: safety above all, integrity in our actions, compassion towards others, delivering exceptional results, and striving for extraordinary experiences.

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We take immense pride in our legacy and remain driven by an exciting vision for the future. Let us show you why flying with us means so much more.

Alaska Airlines History: Where the Alaska Spirit Was Born

For nine decades, the Alaska Spirit – synonymous with honesty, kindness, resourcefulness, professionalism, and a ‘go the extra mile’ attitude – has been our guiding light. This spirit is a testament to our unique origins and the incredible people who have shaped our airline.

Our remarkable story unfolds through countless aviation achievements and tales of everyday heroes going above and beyond for our customers. These milestones and acts of service have propelled our transformation from a modest regional operator into a leading international carrier. Today, we proudly connect over 44 million passengers annually to more than 120 destinations across five countries.

The Origins: McGee Airways and Star Air Service

Our roots stretch back to 1932 Anchorage, where the seeds of our company were sown in two pioneering ventures: McGee Airways and Star Air Service.

Harvey Barnhill and Linious “Mac” McGee established Barnhill & McGee Airways early in the year. Soon after, it became McGee Airways, with Mac as sole owner.

Around the same time, Star Air Service took flight, born from mine owner Wesley “Earl” Dunkle’s support for pilots Steve Mills, Charlie Ruttan, and Jack Waterworth. While initially a flight school, Star Air Service’s commercial operations took off in 1933. Mac McGee would later become intertwined with Star Air Service, even managing it on two separate occasions.

Through a series of mergers that added many more carriers to our tapestry, Star Air Service underwent several name changes. Finally, in 1944, we landed on a name that has endured: Alaska Airlines.

Harnessing surplus military aircraft in the late 1940s, Alaska Airlines ventured into global charter missions. These included the historic Berlin Airlift (1948) and Operation Magic Carpet, which saw the airlift of thousands of Yemenite Jews to Israel (1949).

The late 1960s consolidated our presence through mergers with legendary Southeast Alaskan carriers: Alaska Coastal-Ellis and Cordova Airlines. We even forged a path into the Soviet Union during the Cold War with regular charter flights!