Miami Airport Mia Public Transportation

Miami Airport Transportation

Miami Airport Transportation

Miami International Airport (MIA) Transportation Options: A Detailed Overview

Miami Airport Transportation

Getting around Miami from Miami International Airport (MIA) is a breeze with various transportation choices to suit your needs and budget. Here’s a breakdown of your options:

Rental Cars:

  • Convenience: Perfect for exploring Miami and surrounding areas at your own pace.
  • Location: The Miami International Airport Rental Car Center (RCC) is not directly connected to the terminals, but the free MIA Mover automated train whisks you there in minutes.
  • Companies: Major car rental companies are all represented at the RCC.

Ride Sharing (Lyft & Uber):

  • Convenience: Fast and often affordable, especially for shorter trips.
  • Pick Up: Designated rideshare zones are well-marked outside baggage claim areas.
  • Pricing: Fares fluctuate based on demand, so compare options before booking. Choose between various car classes to fit your needs and budget.
  • Ride app pickup zones: are located on all Arrivals Levels 1, cross over to the middle median outside of doors 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 11, 15, 20, and 23.


  • Convenience: readily available 24/7 outside baggage claim areas.
  • Pricing: Meters calculate fares based on distance and time, with a flag drop fee and additional charges per mile. Flat rates are available for certain popular destinations. Be sure to confirm the fare before your trip.
  • Accessibility: Wheelchair-accessible taxis are available upon request.

Public Transportation:

  • Metrobus:
    • A budget-friendly option for various destinations across Miami-Dade County.
    • Location: Buses stop at Miami Central Station, located next to the airport.
    • Fares: Requires an EASY Card, purchasable at Miami Central Station vending machines.
  • Metrorail:
    • Connects Miami Airport to Downtown Miami and other areas.
    • Location: Accessible from Miami Central Station.
    • Fares: Requires an EASY Card.
  • Tri-Rail:
    • Commuter train for travel between Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach.
    • Location: Board at Miami Central Station after a short shuttle bus ride from the airport.
    • Fares: Varies depending on destination.

Miami Airport to Port of Miami:

  • There is no direct public transportation route between MIA and PortMiami. Here are your options:
    • Ridesharing (Lyft & Uber): Convenient and often the fastest option.
    • Taxi: Reliable and readily available.
    • Shuttle Services: Several private shuttle companies offer pre-booked rides directly to the Port.

MIA Mover:

  • This free, automated train system connects MIA terminals to the Miami Central Station and the Rental Car Center.


  • While not directly connected to MIA, the free Metromover is a great option for getting around Downtown Miami once you’ve reached your destination via rideshare, taxi, or public transportation.

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Uber, Lyft And Other Rideshare Companies

Miami Airport Rideshare

Miami International Airport (MIA) offers convenient rideshare options like Lyft and Uber for travelers looking to get to and from the airport. Both services have designated pick-up and drop-off zones clearly marked within the airport. To request a ride, simply open your preferred app (Lyft or Uber), input your location, and choose your desired service level. You can expect a variety of options ranging from economical shared rides to larger vehicles for groups or extra luggage.

Remember, before heading to the designated rideshare area, confirm your terminal and gate information. The Miami International Airport website or your airline can provide these details. It’s a good idea to check wait times within the apps to avoid surprises, especially during peak travel hours.

Miami Airport Uber and Lyft

Getting to or from Miami International Airport (MIA) is super convenient thanks to rideshare services like Lyft and Uber. These companies offer a reliable alternative to taxis and shuttles. To catch a Lyft or Uber from the airport, head to the designated rideshare pickup area – it’s usually located a short walk from the baggage claim area and well-signposted. Be sure to have your app open and ready to request your ride.

Lyft and Uber offer a variety of vehicle options at MIA depending on your needs and budget. You can choose from standard rides, larger vehicles for extra passengers or luggage, or opt for their premium services for a touch of luxury. Keep in mind that prices can fluctuate depending on demand, so it’s worth comparing your options before you request.

Uber Share Ride At Miami Airport Mia

  • Car Rental
  • Lyft
  • Uber
  • Taxi
  • Train
    • Amtrack
    • Tri-Rail
  • Miami Airport to Port of Miami
  • Metro Mover to
    • Metrorail

Miami Airport Taxi

Miami Airport Taxi Service

Here’s some information about taxi services at Miami International Airport (MIA):

  • Location: You’ll find taxi stands on the arrivals (ground) level of MIA, right outside the baggage claim areas. Follow the signs for ground transportation, and you’ll spot the taxi lines.
  • Availability: Taxis are available at MIA 24/7, so no matter when your flight lands, you’ll always have a ride option.
  • Pricing: Miami-Dade County regulates taxi services at MIA. There are two main fare structures:
    • Metered Fares: The meter calculates your fare based on distance and time. The initial charge includes a $2.95 flag drop fee plus additional charges per mile and for waiting time.
    • Flat Rates: Flat rates are available for travel to certain popular destinations like Miami Beach or Downtown Miami. You can find a list of those flat-rate fares on the Miami-Dade County website (
  • Accessibility: Wheelchair-accessible taxis are available upon request.


  • To avoid long wait times, try to travel outside peak airport hours.
  • Always confirm the fare with your driver before you start your trip.
  • Be aware that additional fees may apply for luggage or tolls.