Miami Airport Terminals


Miami Airport Terminals

Main Terminal

Miami Airport Terminal is one main terminal building with eight concourses (A – H) extending from it. Each serves several airlines and a large number of destinations.
Since the Concourses are letters many often refer to the Concourses as Terminal E, or Terminal H, and so on.

North Terminal – (Blue Terminal)DD1- D49
Central Terminal – (Yellow Terminal)E – F and GE1 – E35
South Terminal – (Red Terminal)H and JH1 – H13
J1 – J15


Miami International Airport is one main terminal building with eight concourses (A – H) extending from it. Each serves several airlines and a large number of destinations. Each concourse has a selection of restaurants, bars, newsstands, and shops. Business services, banks, and ATMs are located throughout the airport, and in the appropriate concourse, airline club lounges cater to the needs of frequent flyers.

Concourse A

Miami International Airport’s Concourse A serves Aces, British Airways, Lan Chile, Lan Peru, Swissair, and Turkish Air. It contains gates A3 through A18.

Aces – (305) 265-1272
British Airways – (800) 247-9297
Lan Chile – (305) 670-9999
Lan Peru – (800) 735-5590
Swissair – (800) 221-4780
Turkish Air – (800) 874-8875
Concourse Lounges and Restaurants:
British Airways- Terraces Lounge

Concourse B

Miami International Airport’s Concourse B serves Aero Mexico, Air France, Aviateca, Mexicana, Nica, Taca, Transbrasil, and Virgin Atlantic. It contains gates B1 through B15.
Aero Mexico – (800) 237-6639
Air France – (800) 237-2747
Aviateca – (800) 327-9832
Mexicana – (800) 531-7921
Nica – (800) 831-6422
Taca – (800) 535-8780
Transbrasil – (800) 872-3153
Virgin Atlantic – (800) 862-8621
Concourse Lounges and Restaurants:
Armed Forces Service Center
Club America – B
International Press Center

Concourse C

Miami International Airport’s Concourse C serves Aero Continente, Aero Postal, Air Aruba, Air D’Ayiti, American Airlines, Avensa, Copa, Lab Bolivia, Lacsa, Martinair, Qantas, and Services. It contains gates C1 through C15.

Aero Continente – (877) 359-7378
Aero Postal – (888) 912-8466
Air Aruba – (800) 882-7822
Air D’Ayiti – (888) 822-3434
American Airlines – (800) 433-7300
Avensa – (305) 871-8858
Copa – (800) 359-2672
Lab Bolivia – (800) 337-0918
Lacsa – (800) 225-2272
Martinair – (800) 627-8462
Qantas – (800) 227-4500
Servivensa – (305) 381-8001

Concourse D

Miami International Airport’s Concourse D serves American Airlines and American Eagle. It contains gates D1 through D20.

American Airlines – (800) 433-7300 American Eagle – (800) 433-7300
Concourse Lounges and Restaurants:
Admirals Club D
AA Advantage Platinum Service Center
TWOV (Transit Without A Visa) Lounge

Concourse E

Miami International Airport’s Concourse E serves Aeromar, Allegro, Air Caribbean, Air Jamaica, Airtran, Air Transat, Alitalia, American Transair, Balair, Bwia, Falcon Air Express, Ltu, Miami Air, National, Premiair, Sun Country, Suriname Airways, Tam, Military Charter, Chalks-Ocean-Airways, and Signature Charter. It contains gates E1 through E19 and satellite gates E20 through E35.

Aeromar – (305) 871-4262
Allegro – (800) 915-7351
Air Caribbean – (888) 533-2500
Air Jamaica – (800) 523-5585
Airtran – (800) 247-8726
Air Transat – (877) 872-6728
Alitalia – (800) 223-5730
American Transair – (800) 883-5228
Balair – (800) 322-5247
Bwia – (800) 538-2942
Falcon Air Express – (305) 592-5672
JetBlue – 866-538-5438
Ltu – (800) 888-0200
Miami Air – (305) 871-8001
National – (888) 757-5387
Premiair – (866) 522-4582
Sun Country – (800) 359-5786
Suriname Airways – (305) 262-9794
Tam – (888) 235-9826
Military Charter – (305) 526-5304
Chalks-Ocean-Airways – (800) 424-2557
Signature Charter – (800) 627-8465
Concourse Lounges and Restaurants:
Admirals Club E
AA VIP Lounge
Flagship Lounge
Club America – E
Consular Lounge

Concourse F

Miami International Airport’s Concourse F serves Aerolineas Argentinas, Air New Zealand, Alm, Avianca, Cayman Airways, Iberia, Lauda Airlines, Lufthansa, and United Airlines. It contains gates F1 through F23.

Aerolineas Argentinas – (305) 648-4100
Air New Zealand – (800) 262-1234
Alm – (800) 327-7230
Avianca – (800) 284-2622
Cayman Airways – (800) 422-9626
Iberia – (800) 772-4642
Lauda Airlines – (800) 588-8399
Lufthansa – (800) 645-3880
United Airlines – (800) 241-6522
Concourse Lounges and Restaurants:
Club America – F
In-Transit Holdroom F
Red Carpet Club

Concourse G

Miami International Airport’s Concourse G serves Air Canada, Canadian Airlines, America West, Continental Airlines, El-Al, Northwest/KLM, TWA/Royal Maroc, and Varig Airlines. It contains gates G1 through G19.

Air Canada – (888) 247-2262
Canadian Airlines – (888) 247-2262
America West – (800) 235-9292
Continental Airlines – (800) 525-0280
El-Al – (800) 223-6700
Northwest/KLM – (800) 225-2525
TWA/Royal Maroc – (800) 221-2000
Varig Airlines – (800) 468-2744

Concourse H

Miami International Airport’s Concourse H serves Bahamas Air, Delta Airlines, Metro Jet/Delta, and US Airways. It contains gates H1 through H18.

Bahamas Air – (800) 222-4262
Delta Airlines – (800) 221-1212
Metro Jet/Delta – (888) 638-7653
US Airways – (800) 428-4322
Concourse Lounges and Restaurants:
Crown Room Club

Navigating Miami International Airport (MIA)

Miami International Airport’s unique “U”-shaped terminal might seem daunting, but it’s divided into three easily navigable sections:

  • North Terminal also known as (Blue Terminal)
  • Central Terminal also known as (Yellow Terminal)
  • South Terminal also known as (Red Terminal)

Here’s how they’re organized:

  • Level 1: Arrivals and baggage claim
  • Level 2: Departures
  • Level 3: Connections between concourses and the MIA Mover train system

Keep in mind that transferring between terminals might mean going through security again.

The North Terminal: All About Concourse D

The North Terminal, also known as the Blue Terminal, primarily serves American Airlines and its partners. It includes Concourse D, which stretches for a full mile (1.6 km) and offers 51 gates, four security checkpoints, and a variety of shops, restaurants, lounges, and even spa options. Here’s the North Terminal layout:

  • Level 1: Arrivals and baggage claim
  • Level 2: Departures
  • Level 3: Connections to Concourse E and the MIA Mover Station

Getting Around the North Terminal: The Skytrain

Because Concourse D is so large (it takes about 30 minutes to walk from end to end), the Skytrain is key for efficient movement. This automated people mover has four stations along the concourse:

  • Station 1: Near Gate D17
  • Station 2: Between Gates D24 and D25
  • Station 3: Close to Gate D29
  • Station 4: Next to Gate D46

The Skytrain runs every 3 minutes and takes about 5 minutes to travel the entire length of the North Terminal.

Miami Airport Central Terminal (Yellow Terminal): Exploring Concourses E, F, and G

Right next to the North Terminal, you’ll find the Central Terminal (or Yellow Terminal). It’s home to Concourses E, F, and G, and offers plenty of shops, restaurants, and even the convenient Miami International Airport Hotel right inside the terminal!

  • Concourse E: This concourse has 18 gates and primarily serves American Airlines along with other Oneworld partners and select Caribbean and Latin American airlines. It even features a satellite building, connected by the MIA E Train automated people mover or a dedicated walkway. The satellite building is large enough to accommodate an Airbus A380!
  • Concourses F and G: Focused mainly on domestic US flights and some Canadian destinations, these concourses offer 19 and 14 gates respectively.

Remember, the Central Terminal follows MIA’s standard layout with security checkpoints at each concourse entrance:

  • Level 1: Arrivals and baggage claim
  • Level 2: Departures
  • Level 3: Connections to other concourses and the MIA Mover

Let me know if you’d like a breakdown of the South Terminal or a guide to MIA’s transportation systems

Miami Airport South Terminal (Red Terminal): International Focus

The South Terminal (or Red Terminal) of MIA stands out for its emphasis on international flights from airlines outside of the Oneworld alliance. It features two concourses: H and J, conveniently connected by a walkway. This walkway also happens to house most of the terminal’s shopping and dining options.

  • Concourse H: This concourse has 13 gates and welcomes Delta flights along with other international airlines outside the Oneworld partnership.
  • Concourse J: With 15 gates, this concourse handles long-haul international flights from non-Oneworld carriers. It even boasts a gate specially designed to handle the Airbus A380!

Like the rest of MIA, the South Terminal follows the familiar layout:

  • Level 1: Arrivals and baggage claim
  • Level 2: Departures
  • Level 3: Connections between concourses, the MIA Mover Station, and security checkpoints at each concourse entrance.

Navigating Between MIA Terminals

While most MIA terminals are connected by walkways, moving between them often means passing through security again. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Concourse D (North) and Concourse E (Central): Connected by a bridge near Gates D31 and E2.
  • Concourse G (Central) and Concourse H (South): Connected by a walkway near Gates G2 and H3.
  • Important: The D-E and H-J connections are the only ones that might not require going through security again.


  • Tip 1: The connecting walkways are on Level 3 of each terminal.
  • Tip 2: The MIA Mover automated train system is in the center of the airport complex between parking garages. It takes you to the main Central Station and the Car Rental Center.